Pool Table Repair

Is your table broken or showing its age? 

Are you experiencing any of the following pool table repair issues?

Then it's time for a pool table "Tune Up!"


A relatively simple "external" level may be what is needed if the table isn't too unlevel.

However, if the table is really unlevel, a complex "internal level" will be required. In other words, the table felt is removed and the slate or supports are adjusted.




Felt faded or torn?

Time for a new felt color?

As a result of "worn out" table felt, pool table balls do not roll smoothly due to "fuzzing" or "pilling".



Pool table balls don't "bounce" off of "dead" table cushions. Specifically, you'll hear a "thud" noise when table balls hit the cushion(s) in question.

In addition to the "thud" noise, you'll notice the cushions react differently from one another.



Seam separation can cause an unlevel pool table. For example, pool table balls will "bounce" on slate that is cracked or chipped. For this reason, any cracks or chips in the slate must be repaired.

During a seam separation repair, the seams between the slate pieces are re-seamed and the table is leveled afterward. Next, the seams between the slate pieces are re-seamed. Finally, the table is leveled.

Slate piece replacement may be necessary depending on how bad any crack(s) or chip(s) in the slate are.



Such as an unlevel pool table repair, this may be an easy fix. In other words, corner brackets or legs only need tightening or their hardware replaced.

But if the lag bolts or screws in the corner brackets or legs are "stripped", this will require the installation of additional hardware. Afterward, the table will need to be leveled.


Pockets that aren't torn and "dried out" might be able to be reused. For example, a leather softener or conditioner can be used on the pockets to try and bring them "back to life".

Torn or detached table pockets will need to be repaired and reattached to the table.

Of course, pockets that are too brittle to be repaired or reattached to the table will have to be replaced.




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