Pool Table Moving

Considering disassembling, moving and reassembling a pool table?

See below why pool table moving is not a "do it yourself" project.

Pool table moving is not as easy as it sounds

Pool table moving requires a cargo van or truck plus several strong people. The moving vehicle requires heavy-duty shock absorbers and your helpers will have to be people without back problems.

Pool table installation requires patience and skill

It will take 5-6 hours to dismantle, move and install your pool table. There are a lot of steps involved: disassembly and reassembly of the table top and legs, removing and reinstalling the table felt, removing and reinstalling the table cushions, removing and reinstalling the slate, removing and securing the slate seams, and (finally) leveling the table.

Pool table moving requires proper tools

The tools required are a power drill, screwdriver, socket set, machinist's level, heavy furniture blankets, bubble wrap, stapler, staple remover and a slate dolly. The slate table top piece(s) can weigh over 500 pounds and can break, chip or crack during removal, transport or installation. One-piece slate pool tables are especially vulnerable to breakage and require several strong people and a slate dolly to move the piece safely.

Pool table moving requires proper supplies

The supplies required are beeswax, glue, staples, sandpaper, shims, washers, etc. The best time to replace the table felt, cushions and pockets is while the table is disassembled, so you'll need new felt, cushions and pockets if you're replacing these yourself. The beeswax is used to seal any seams between slate pieces and is then sanded smooth. Shims are then used to level the table.

Measure, Measure, Measure

Doorways, halls, ceilings, landings and exits need to be accurately measured to see how much room you have for moving and installation. You'll also need to know the pool table dimensions and area around the pool table too to see if you have sufficient space to shoot pool.

Pool table moving requires organization

All hardware (brackets, bolts, nuts, screws, washers, etc.) must be kept organized, separated and marked to avoid misplacing or misusing the items.

Other important considerations

Carefully examine your felt, cushions and pockets before the table is moved. As mentioned above, the best time to replace your felt, cushions and pockets is while the table is disassembled. It is significantly less expensive to to replace felt, cushions and pockets prior to table reassembly rather than realizing after the table has been put back together that you should have had them replaced.


As you can see, pool table moving is a job best left to professionals. North Coast Pool Tables will professionally disassemble, move, reassemble and relevel your pool table to your guaranteed satisfaction.

And yes, we can disassemble and store your pool table for you if you need it taken down for a remodeling project or if you're "between residences". When you're ready, we'll bring it back, reassemble it and level it for you.

Need (or want) new pool table felt, pool table accessories or pool table repairs while we're moving your table? Just let us know in advance and we'll take care of it while we're there.

North Coast Pool Tables handles all aspects of pool table moving from start to finish.


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