Pool Table Storage

We all live in the real world where “STUFF HAPPENS”.

North Coast Pool Tables has seen and heard it all. As a result, we provide solutions for situations where pool table storage makes financial sense.

Contact us by phone or our Contact Form if you find yourself in any of the following situations

  1. Water Damage: You’ve had a fire or flooded room due to extinguishing the fire, a burst pipe, or an Act of God. Fortunately, your pool table survived. However, it needs to be moved and stored during restoration.
  2. Remodeling: Construction supplies have been delivered and suddenly space is at a premium. Also, you don't want the table damaged by any workers. Therefore, the pool table needs to go to temporary storage.
  3. Divorce: The settlement gave you the table. Consequently, storage is needed until you are settled in a new residence.
  4. "Sell it Now!": Your home just sold or the selling process is ongoing. There's no way you're “throwing in” your valuable table just to get a deal done. Also, you want to avoid the aggravation of lowball offers and strangers coming and going at all hours to look at the table. To put it another way, the clock is ticking and you have to move. Do you really want the hassle of listing your table on Craigslist, letgo or Facebook Marketplace?
  5. "Buy it Now!": There's a "GREAT DEAL!” on a new or used pool table but your new home is currently under construction.
  6. Unexpected "Inheritance": There's been a death in the family and you've inherited a pool table. But where's the space for Dad’s or Grandpa's pool table (and the table's sentimental value to the family)?

These are only a few reasons people decide they need temporary pool table storage. You may have another reason that makes financial sense.

Whatever your need is for pool table storage, we can potentially help.

Need help disassembling your table?

We can dismantle, move and safely store your table until you are ready to pick it up or request delivery.

Additionally, we can install, level and repair your pool table as well.



*Certain restrictions may apply.

Purchase a new or used pool table from us and we will store it FREE until you are ready for it to be delivered.

North Coast Pool Tables can also make arrangements to donate or dispose of your slate table for a nominal fee. We offer solutions for any situation, so contact us either by phone or our Contact Form for your solution.

We Can Help With Storage Questions!

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