Who is the typical pool table buyer?

That person doesn't exist.

The "typical" pool table buyer has been replaced by Mr. or Mrs. Anyone. Or Ms. Anyone. Kings, queens and emperors for centuries have owned pool tables. No well-appointed castle, manor house or estate was complete without a pool table as pool tables were status symbols of the upper class. While that may be still valid to some extent today, pool table owners now represent a diverse community of people, crossing barriers of race, culture, faith and socioeconomic standing.

Smoke-filled pool halls of yesterday, populated with hustlers and seedy underworld types, have given way to boardrooms, recreation centers, church basements, family rooms and man caves as places for a pool table.

Who is buying pool tables today?

Singles and couples who like to entertain buy pool tables. Couples with young kids buy pool tables. Couples or single parents with teenagers turn their homes into "the" Friday or Saturday gathering place the teens, teams, clubs and band members go to enjoy a fun-filled night in a safe, wholesome environment. What's that worth? It’s priceless.

Retirees who’ve always wanted a pool table are buying them in record numbers. And why not? They have time to enjoy playing pool without leaving the house and spending $50.00 - $100.00 on dinner and a movie because they’re bored.

Homeowners looking for the perfect "statement piece" to build their entertainment room around buy pool tables. Just put the game on TV, invite your friends over, and shoot some pool. Business people hosting company parties or political fundraisers buy pool tables.

The novice pool player who wants to improve his or her skills buys a table so he or she can practice anytime, day or night.

Families can gather around the pool table for endless hours of fun. For a small amount of money you can get a quality ping-pong conversion top for your pool table and double your fun in about the same space.

Having guests over for the holidays? If you bought a ping-pong conversion top, you could throw a table cloth over your pool table and serve buffet-style from it, or set up bar on it. Plus, as we mentioned above, families can gather around the pool table for endless hours of fun.

Why should you consider buying a pool table?

Why not? Pool tables are more affordable than ever! If you were to invest $2,000.00 - $20,000.00 in a quality slate pool table it should outlive you. When was the last time you spent that amount of money knowing the purchase could last a lifetime? Even generations? Maybe even outlast your home if you bought your home 60-80 years ago? Invest once and have a lifetime of enjoyment!

If you could find a new car that you loved for $3000.00 and could drive it forever if you only had to change the oil, brakes and tires, would you buy it? A quality pool table is a great investment. With simple care and maintenance a quality pool table does not break down or wear out!

Does it bother you that your family spends more time on electronics than actually communicating with each other? Are you OK with flipping through all of your television channels and saying to yourself "there's nothing on!" Allow North Coast Pool Tables to help solve these problems for you.


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