Buying A Used Pool Table?

Be aware of hidden or additional costs.

Know what questions to ask and what to look for.

There are no warranties or guarantees in most cases!


Table type and condition

Is it a slate table?  Specifically, is it 1-piece or 3-piece slate? Equally important, how thick is the slate? Examine the slate from the underside to check for cracks or chips before making a purchase.

Is the table felt (or cloth) in good condition?  First, how old is the felt? Second, what type of felt is it? Third, has the felt been replaced recently? Fourth, is it the type and color you would select if given a choice? Finally, what does it cost to replace the felt now (or later)?

Are the cushions in good condition?  Specifically, how old are the cushions, and have they been replaced recently? Also, do the cushions bounce correctly or evenly? Do you know how cushions are tested?

Are the pockets in good condition?  Specifically, how old are the pockets, and have they been replaced recently? 

Table moving and space required

Does the asking price include delivery, installation and leveling?  In other words, is it being sold “as is, where is”?

What if the table gets damaged being dismantled or delivered and I’ve already paid for the table?  Namely, who is responsible?

What if I damage the seller's home, floor or walls taking it apart or carrying it out?  Accordingly, are you going to fix the damage you caused?

Will it fit in my house or room?  Consequently, what's your next step?

Negotiating with the seller

Did the seller buy it new?  For example, does the seller have receipts?

What does the seller actually mean when he or she says “I paid $5,000.00 for this table 5-10 years ago and we hardly used it"?  To explain, the cost the seller is quoting you is the price they paid for everything when they first bought the table - the table itself, pool table balls, pool table cues, wall or floor rack(s), ball rack(s), cover(s), chalk, delivery, installation and tax. The seller is not lying to you, just recalling the overall inclusive price they paid for everything. Also, the seller may be including additional furniture as well.

Know the hidden costs!

For instance, professional delivery, installation and leveling normally costs from $500.00 - $600.00 on a new table. Buying a used table will cost you about double that price (or more). This is due to the used table having to be dismantled and packed (protected for the move). 

The age and condition of the used table and distance of the move (time) are also cost factors. For these reasons, the table may need additional tweaking (at additional cost) to have it reassembled, installed and leveled. 

Additionally, if you are replacing the felt (cloth), cushions or pockets the used pool table cost increases another $400.00 - $800.00.

In conclusion, determine as best you can what your total investment will be. If the table is already dismantled you will save some cash, but make sure all the pieces and parts are there for assembly, or even available!


North Coast Pool Tables only sells quality used pool tables, "as-is" or “reconditioned” based on your preference.

In addition, we move and repair used pool tables to your guaranteed satisfaction.

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